Just Let It Go

As I write this blog, I’m still in the middle of 2017 and 2018. It’s like the clock inside my mind has not updated to 2018. I remember a year ago January 1 2017, I signed some documents and dates it as 2016, so you can imagine so many erasures like this “20167”. I’m sure some of you know what I mean because you can also relate.

Most of the comments and posts in social media imply many good memories took place during 2017. Some are even declaring that 2017 is their best year ever that’s why it is hard to beat!

My wife and I both agree that our best year so far was 2016. It was the year we obeyed by leaving and cleaving after 3 long years apart. It was a banner year where victory led to another victory, one breakthrough after another, all was blessed from A to Z. So, for those couples enduring a long distance relationship due to work or business, we encourage you to leave and cleave no matter what it takes. God can do more for your marriage while the husband and wife are together because that’s His design. Honor that design and He will honor your marriage back beyond what you could ever think or imagine. 2017 came, and took us by surprise in so many ways where our plans didn’t materialize but good thing Plan G or God’s plan did.  A lot happened to me and my wife unexpectedly, even it’s not included in our faith goals. Amazing? yes! Glory to God where all credit is due.

2018 just started but some of us still don’t want to let go or it’s hard to let go of our precious 2017. Let’s remember that every year is the Lord’s year so “just let it go because that is the only time we can receive the new.” Let go of the former things to take hold of the new. Let go of the past to behold the future and hope that God prepared for us this 2018. God will always outdo Himself every year, so If you experienced His goodness and faithfulness last 2017, wait until you see what He has in store for each and everyone of us this 2018!

Happy and Blessed New Year to our family and friends🎉 Always remember we have a big God and nothing is impossible to him, all we need to do is to trust him and put our faith in the Lord for the year ahead.

Matthew 19:26
But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Question: What is your best year so far? Do you have your faith goals for 2018?

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