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Last year, I wrote a blog regarding  “Losing is Winning” and “Life is like Boxing” you may click the titles above that links to the previous blogs.

I usually say “boxing never stops” which can also mean “just keep on going.” We need to keep on going towards the end goal no matter what, either it’s an inch or a mile. Just go and keep moving forward. Like most of the financial gurus around the world say, “baby steps” or “snowball principle” of Dave Ramsey. We need to create momentum so we can have an impulse that will motivate us to more positive action towards our goal.

My good friend Aron a.k.a. “Aron Escalera” (escalera means stairs). He fought his first fight ever on the recent White Collar Boxing 3 organized by Warrior Fitness Macau. It was an awesome night because we witnessed great fights: an action packed 5 bouts consisting great men and women who accepted the challenge on stepping into the ring. The first bout was “Aron Escalera” vs “Ivan the Terrible” under Light Middleweight Division. Both showed great courage and talent during the fight. They both finished the 3 rounds. Ivan got the win via split decision. Aron lost the fight but he won our respect, he showed great humility. He fought by giving all his best. That is why we are so proud of him regardless of the decision, he is already a winner just by showing up prepared and at his best shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Aron didn’t just wake up on Jan 6, 2018 ready to fight. As his friend, cornerman, and one of his coaches for the preparation of this fight, I saw his progress first hand. He displayed diligence, dedication, discipline, and focus that is why all his hard work payed off during the fight. He first learned the basic boxing skills from scratch, and little by little he improved each day. He woke up every morning rain or shine just to train with us. He pushed himself to his limit, he never got tired of learning the sport over and over again. Aron possessed the heart of a champion by never giving up. He listened to all of his coaches and repeated it until he developed a new move or a new skill in just a short period of time. Keep going Mr. Aron Escalera, because your story is worth spreading. Inspire to be inspired. We are all here with you. Kudos!

2 Chronicles 15:7
But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.

Question: Are you feeling like giving up already? What keeps you going: a person, a goal, a cause?

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