Flexible vs Durable

I was amazed with these 2 words “flexible and durable.” So, I made a comparison on these words so that I can easily understand them and how they are important in our lives.

First, let’s talk about “Flexible.” The best and common example for being flexible is a Bamboo plant. It symbolizes a lot of things in different countries like uprightness, friendship, and many more. This plant undeniably features a character that can withstand any storm without breaking. Amazing isn’t it? Maybe some of us said or thought about this before “I hope I can be a bamboo in the middle of the storm.” Who doesn’t want to be flexible, where no amount of strong winds can break you down?

Now I just want to ask this. Maybe, just maybe, we want to be flexible at some point because we don’t want to be critizied by others. We want to be “in”and not be anti-cultural people but later on we’ll find out that we lost the most important values for us because we want to play it safe.

In Merriam Webster Dictionary, Durable means staying strong and in good condition over a long period of time. The best example of this is a coin. The age of the oldest coin is more than 2,700 years according to numerous websites. Now i want to be a coin, just kidding. As much I want to be a coin, I would love to be Durable in all seasons of my life. I want to stay strong and remain to be me. Not simply swayed by moments, situations, frustrations, and pressures of this world. By being Durable, it will help me stand for my values, convictions, and my faith. Because all of these are important to me, I need to be strong and in good condition over a long of period of time.

Psalm 28:7-8
The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.

Question: Which character you want to be, Flexible or Durable? Please share your thoughts by giving your comment below.

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