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Are you in the situation that you’re waiting for the bus, and the bus always passes by and the one that stops is different from the one you need? And when the time you didn’t need the bus, the frequency of arrival is like unlimited?

Or maybe there’s multiple lane that you need to choose from and you choose a line that you think is faster than other lines only to find out that line move likes a snail. So you decided to go to another line, and the line you previously chose started to move and eventually went ahead of you?

Tragic, ironic, coincidence, wrong place at the wrong time…

We can describe it any way we want but for me it’s what I call, “waiting.”

Most of the people hate to wait, and I myself is not exempted on this area. Most of the time I’m very patient, sometimes I’m very impatient.

I will give you some examples… I had a chance to work in abroad before, but due to some unexpected circumstances it was cut short. I asked God and prayed to give me another chance. After 2 years of waiting and trying patiently, finally I was given another chance to work abroad and the rest is history.

It’s been years and years of waiting. Maybe some of you waited longer than me. So you are a certified and can be called a “Patient Man” (patient here is an adjective not a noun).

Ok let’s talk about my impatience. There’s a lot of stories but this one is my favorite.

My usual grooming rituals before I go to sleep is to wash my body and face, floss and brush my teeth, do mouthwash and lay on my bed and sleep. (That’s when my wife is not around)

If my wife is with me during bedtime, I need to wait for her to finish her beauty regimen rituals. (For those husbands reading this, I know I got your sympathy). Fast forward, for the last step of her grooming rituals there’s a cream that needs 15 minutes of waiting before you put the final cream. (For the husbands out there, I know, you know what I’m saying, right?!)

Since my wife and I want to be productive, in between that 15 minutes we talk to each other. I always love having conversation with my wife! Because I know she will always listen and even laugh on my corny jokes!

You know what, after talking a lot, and even doing some planning on the coming days, lo and behold the 15 minutes is not yet done, and sometimes we think the timer on our phone is broken. It’s always the longest 15 minutes of our life, if not in the world. Kidding aside that’s what we feel after we hear the alarm after that long 15 minutes.

Every one of us is vulnerable for being impatient, however there’s always a reward for those who can wait patiently with the Lord. Just want to share a scripture below.

Isaiah 40:31

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

It’s natural to feel tired, exhausted, anxious while doing all the waiting. But it doesn’t mean our Lord in heaven already forget us.

We can gain strength, joy, even wisdom while waiting. By being productive while waiting, instead of whining and complaining why not do something different that can make us a better person? We can read, talk to people who has more wisdom than us, attend some training, go back to the gym and work out, write a blog or just do anything that will produce positive result for you or other people.

Don’t give up! Your right time will come soon. And when that time comes you can sore high like an eagle. Stronger and better, by simply waiting patiently.

Question: Are you already at the edge of your waiting, and you want to give up? I encourage you to talk to a person whom you really trust. Either it’s your parents, pastor/leader of your church, a mentor, a friend who can give you a godly advice, or even your small group leader. Ask their opinion and ask them to pray for you.

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